This is Metalltryckning!

Metalltryckning is a family owned company, and was founded already in 1955. We are specialised in metal spinning, and we use both automatic and manual metal spinning. We use all kinds of materials (iron/steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass or copper), and the working-piece can be as large as Ø 1500 mm. We also manufacture components in deep drawing and of thin plane sheet in our eccentric presses up to 200 tons.

To see the range of our production, see our product gallery.

As parts in sub-assemblies or finished parts we can offer various kinds of metal work such as punching, deep drawing, taping and seaming etc. With our own tool shop we can make the process of developing new products easier and faster.

Today we are a well established sub supplier to various kinds of companies in Sweden and abroad, both multinational and smaller firms.

Our company is situated 7 km south of Jönköping at the south end of the lake Vättern.

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Metalltryckning i Hovslätt AB
Huluängsvägen 5
Phone: +46 36 751 75

We specialize in

  • Metal spinning
  • Deep drawing
  • Punching


  • A cost efficient alternative for both short and longer series
  • Low tool cost
  • Material savings
  • Flexible choice of material
  • Short lead times